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Intercom & Camera System NYC Inc relies on over 10 years of experience installing and maintaining a wide variety of security devices for commercial, residential and industrial customers. We can install everything from a simple residential intercom to a CCTV system to a multi-entry access system in a commercial property.

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Worried about how much a new security system will set you back? Intercom & Camera System NYC provides high-quality electronic security devices at a low cost. Our educated technicians can help you get the system you need without going over your budget.

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Secure your home or business by ordering a security system from Intercom & Camera System NYC. Our systems can help you:


  • Feel safe when you're home alone: See your exterior access doors from a secure interior room.
  • Eliminate the need for on-site security staff: An access control system restricts entry to authorized individuals electronically.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to your door or gate: Our home intercom systems let you see and admit visitors without leaving your room.






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